The question of readmitting Russia and Belarus was discussed at the International Federation of Sport Climbing General Assembly but the ban remains in place ©IFSC

The International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) has decided to keep its ban on athletes from Russia and Belarus in place for the time being after discussions at the IFSC General Assembly in Singapore.

It follows the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Executive Board recommending last week that individual Russian and Belarusian athletes should be allowed to return to competition, if they are not openly in support of the invasion of Ukraine or affiliated to the military.

The Board had previously called for a complete ban on both countries when Russian President Vladimir Putin launched his war in February 2022.

"The IFSC General Assembly discussed this issue, but no decisions were made," an IFSC statement said.

"The suspension of the membership of the climbing federations of Russia and Belarus remains in force."

The IFSC has also announced that Ukraine will not be required to pay its membership subscription for the second successive year.

"The 2023 membership fees for the Ukrainian Mountaineering and Climbing Federation will once again be waived," a statement said.

IFSC officials imposed their ban on Russia and Belarus in March last year after the invasion was launched.

A resolution was taken "to suspend all IFSC competitions scheduled to be held in Russia and Belarus until further notice" and "to suspend all Russian and Belarusian athletes and team officials from IFSC competitions".

The IFSC Congress also asked its Executive Committee to continue monitoring the situation.

Sports such as fencing and taekwondo have already indicated that they are prepared to adhere to the IOC recommendation and allow Russian and Belarusian athletes back as neutrals.

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