By Zjan Shirinian

The Richmond Olympic Oval hosted speed skating events at the Vancouver 2010 Games ©Getty ImagesFebruary 3 - Vancouver 2010 Olympic speed skating host city Richmond has signed up to a sustainability programme.

The city has joined European Athletics, the city of Lausanne and Event Scotland as a Development Partner of the International Academy of Sport Science and Technology' (AISTS) Sustainability Sport and Events Toolkit.

The toolkit aims to equip event organisers and cities with the know-how to "incorporate sustainability into their daily operations", and to execute major sports events.

The Richmond Olympic Oval, which opened in 2008, hosted the 2009 World Single Distance Speed Skating Championships and speed skating events at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics.

The toolkit is supported by principal partner the International Olympic Committee, and has been jointly developed by the AISTS Sustainable Sport and Events Centre in Lausanne and the Vancouver Organising Committee for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

"We are especially proud to be working with, and supporting the City of Richmond in its mission of being 'A Sustainable City'," said Dr Claude Stricker, AISTS executive director.

"The city has an impressive history of hosting diverse sporting events and this partnership clearly demonstrates that sport sustainability is high on the social and competitive agenda of many cities and organisations worldwide."

Richmond, which opened its Olympic Oval in 2008, has signed up to the sustainability programme ©AFP/Getty Images Richmond, which opened its Olympic Oval in 2008, has signed up to the sustainability programme ©AFP/Getty Images

The toolkit has been recently relaunched to give members a more comprehensive resource, including updated case studies and more guidelines, templates, and video resources.

Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie said: "Our city showcases sustainable practices to the world through the Richmond Olympic Oval, a premier venue and legacy of the 2010 Olympic Winter Games.

"We also strive to incorporate sustainability initiatives in the many sport, cultural and other events that we host at the Oval and around our community.

"We look forward to learning even more from our development partners and to being an international leader and model for this important programme."