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The venue for the Olympic marathon and race walk, as well as the finish point for the road race, The Mall will have just over a month to prepare for Olympic action after the anticipated celebrations of the Queen's 60th anniversary on the British throne.

The Mall runs from Trafalgar Square to Buckingham Palace, and was created as a ceremonial route to match similar roads in other for major national events.

It has witnessed major historical events, including the VE Day celebrations at the end of the Second World War when the royal family appeared at The Mall to cheering.

The Mall is decorated with Union Flags for the visits of foreign monarchs and heads of states, who are escorted up the road with the Queen.

In 2002 the venue was the scene of mass celebrations for the Queen's 50th anniversary on the British throne.

It was originally intended that the marathon would start in Tower Hill and finish at the Olympic Stadium, running through the East End of London, but organisers have since decided to change it so that it will start at the Mall and finish half way down the Mall instead.