DOSB President Alfons Hörmann was criticised in the letter ©Getty Images

The German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) Ethics Commission will investigate claims made against its leadership in a letter which was reportedly backed by over one third of the organisation’s staff.

A letter was emailed to DOSB officials on Thursday (May 6), which reportedly called for the resignation of DOSB President Alfons Hörmann.

The letter claimed that there was a "culture of fear" within the organisation under Hörmann’s leadership.

It also claimed some staff have been brought "mentally and psychologically over the limits of what they could take", while allegations have been made that objects have been thrown at employees.

The environment has reportedly led to several employees quitting the DOSB.

Hörmann is also criticised for having allegedly not worn a mask at meetings in breach of a coronavirus rules.

The DOSB Presidium and Board of Directors met yesterday.

The Ethics Commission, led by Thomas de Maizière, will investigate the allegations ©Getty Images
The Ethics Commission, led by Thomas de Maizière, will investigate the allegations ©Getty Images

The organisation issued a statement confirming its independent Ethics Commission will be asked to "clarify and evaluate the allegations in order to be able to draw the necessary conclusions based on them".

"At the same time, the Presidium and Executive Board will deal with the allegations in various formats in an open, close dialogue with the employees and identify and implement starting points for changes," the DOSB said.

"Employees and member organisations are asked to participate in the clarification by providing information to the ethics committee or the other available, independent and confidential complaint channels."

A photo, allegedly from the meeting, has been criticised online due to the participants being seen without wearing masks, one of the main allegations in the complaint.

The DOSB Ethics Commission is chaired by Thomas de Maizière, the former Federal Minister of the Interior and Sports.

Professor Hansjörg Geiger and Olympic biathlon champion Kati Wilhelm are the other two members of the Commission, which is next scheduled to meet on June 18.

The Ethics Commission can recommend action to the DOSB on how violations could be punished, should they be proven.