Photo by Annice Lyn - Getty Images for the Commonwealth Games Federation.

The Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) announced on November 13th that there will be new funds for its Game Changers initiative. This initiative aims to transform lives and communities through the power of sport and the shared values of the Commonwealth.

In a significant week for the CGF, with the organization's General Assembly on November 15th, the allocation of funds for the achievement of Commonwealth Games Associations (CGAs) objectives is solidified. Projects funded through Game Changers were established in July 2020 and will focus on smaller initiatives contributing to a broader vision of social change through sports.

The program serves as a catalyst for positive social impact and community development, providing CGAs with resources to implement projects that promote core values, foster unity, empower youth, and raise awareness about key global issues.

As an example of how this translates into everyday life, initiatives such as providing clean water to Sri Lanka and establishing a Basketball Art School in Namibia have been undertaken. The latter impacted 784 students, promoted female representation, and trained 33 youth leaders.

Regarding the General Assembly on Wednesday, the 15th, it will bring together members of the Commonwealth Games Federation to review activities, drive progress, and inspire change. This year's meeting will include presentations, strategic updates on activities, and interactive workshops. It will be the last Assembly for the current president, President Dame Louise Martin, after two terms. The election results and the identity of the successor will be known on Wednesday, November 15th.