When a boxer hangs up his gloves he puts an end to a stage of his life, but his knowledge is so extensive that he should not put an end to it completely. His legacy should be used to help new generations. This is the idea by which IBA supports the transition of athletes beyond the ring and is reflected in the priority registration of the course for retired athletes. 

However, this registration is not only intended for retired athletes but for many more organizations related to boxing. In this sense, the IBA launches the "Sports Management" course which is structured in three different levels: Level 1 (basic), Level 2 (intermediate) and Level 3 (advanced).

Levels 1 and 2 will be carried out as distance learning (online), while Level 3 will be a residential learning environment that will take place in Madrid, at the University.

Level 1 will cover essential topics, highlighted below:

      • Management: what is “management”?

      • People management, organization management.

      • General management models

      • Where management in sport might differ or become specific

      • Readings for the session

Module 2:

      • The sports industry

      • Organization; pyramid

      • Roles and responsibilities of each actor

      • Where management skills become necessary and prevalent

      • Why is competent sports management important?

      • Why is the athlete/team/organization need changing at that rate?

      • Social networks and impact management.

      • Readings for the session

Module 3

Who is the sports director?

      • How to operate as a manager in a club/athlete/organization

      • Skill sets / required and acquired

      • Basic communication and understanding of the importance.

      • How to use management skills effectively in the sports environment.

      • Readings for next week.

In December 2022, IBA and ISDE entered into a cooperation agreement with the purpose to develop education in sports of boxing. ©
 Getty Images
In December 2022, IBA and ISDE entered into a cooperation agreement with the purpose to develop education in sports of boxing. © Getty Images

Module 4
      • Combat sports/boxing perspective.
      • Role of a promoter/matchmaker
      • Transferable skills and ability to adapt from athlete to coach, from coach to promoter, etc.
      • Understand the context; where to use what and what skills
      • Readings for the session

Module 5

      • The current climate of sports management
      • Globalization of sport and contextualized management
      • Perspectives for the future (introduction)
      • Readings for the session

Module 6
      • The future of sport and sports management
      • Big data and modern IT solutions
      • How and where does this impact all stakeholders?
      • How to prepare for this as an athletic director
      • Integrity considerations
     • General review of all the modules discussed previously.

Module 7
      • Try to establish a management model that is used (if applicable)
      • Identify all points of good and bad management practices.
      • Establish the given (and potential) impacts of these examples.
     • Suggest ways to modify/improve management from the perspective of a relevant stakeholder
      • Reasons why suggestions have been made about how they impact the organization

“IBA is committed to offering the best for your family and the continuous professional development of our managers is one of the main tools to excel. With this Sports Management education course at ISDE, we aim to train more qualified managers to serve the sport of boxing around the world at all levels, whether clubs, National Federations, Confederations or the IBA. We hope to offer new opportunities and the entire career path for retired athletes and support them on their journey. These types of initiatives strengthen our Boxing Family and I thank ISDE for this great opportunity,” said IBA General Secretary and CEO, Chris Roberts OBE.
The implementation of this course is based on the relationship between the IBA and the ISDE, the Higher Institute of Law and Economics.

ISDE is a global leader in education around sports law and sports management, with an impressive list of alumni spread across FIFA, UEFA, CAS, and many other sporting federations, as well as across numerous sports clubs and franchises around the world.   

ISDE is an affiliated center of Complutense University of Madrid.  

In December 2022, IBA and ISDE entered into a cooperation agreement with the purpose to develop education in sports of boxing.